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Dear Authors/Publishers:

I would be happy to accept books for review from authors or publishing companies. While I certainly applaud authors that put forth the effort to self-publish, I ask that submissions only be books that are readily available to the public at this time. In addition, I would be happy (and excited) to read advanced copies of ebooks or physical books.

What Kinds of Books?

While I am interested in reading all kinds of books, I would prefer to review titles that are within the YA genre, especially because Book Bacon is dedicated to YA book reviews! Most sub-genres of YA are acceptable, including fantasy (zombies, vampires), chick-lit, horror, thrillers and ‘tough stuff’ novels. If your book doesn’t fit any of these categories, don’t worry – email me anyways!

There are a few sub-genres that I am not interested in reviewing. Books with strong religious undertones and erotica will not be reviewed.

Response Time?

I will typically post a review within one week of acquiring a novel. However, there are times when my workload requires a few extra days to complete a review. In addition, should there be a time when I receive a large array of books, I cannot guarantee a review about every single book received.

Please do not ask me about a time frame, as I do have a full time job and a few hobbies as well.

More Details

All book reviews will be placed on this website and on GoodReads. I will always review honestly, so please be aware that I may/may not have a positive review based on my opinions of the book.

Please contact me at bookbacon@live.com with any questions, concerns or comments. <3




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  1. Hi Becca!

    First off, thank you so much for reading and reviewing After The Ending! We’re so glad you enjoyed it!

    If you’re interested in continuing with the series, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to read the sequel, Into The Fire. It’s currently up on NetGalley. You can access it here:

    (Link Hidden)

    I hope you get a chance to read Into The Fire–I think you’ll find answers to some of your After The Ending questions. Happy reading!

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