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The Passage

I feel like I can’t adequately express to you how I feel about this book. A few seasons ago, I [&hellip

These Broken Stars

Sometimes I have this dream where I’m walking in really heavy boots, through dense mud, while it rains. In the [&hellip

Legend (Legend #1)

  I may just have to stop talking to every person who ever recommended this book to me. Okay, I’m [&hellip

Red Queen (Red Queen #1)

We will rise. Red as the dawn. And there goes my ability to sleep well since picking up this book [&hellip

Something Strange and Deadly

It has been exactly three days since I finished this book. In that time, I took a trip to the [&hellip

The Darkest Minds

“It felt like the darkness was stroking beneath my chin with a beckoning finger, whispering to me to learn forward [&hellip


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